Outstanding engineering design is an essential part of bringing a successful product to market.

In a market that relies primarily on Far Eastern manufacturing, “Designed and Engineered in UK” improves brand perception and will tailor products to specific markets.

Problem Solving

With an engineering background and a flair for design, we combine both disciplines to provide bespoke solutions for a wide range of clients.

There is a risk when sourcing products in the Far East, that those products fail to fully meet market expectations or legal requirements and do not provide an optimised experience.

This is often caused by a lack of understanding by the manufacturers of the finer detail of outstanding product design.

In addition, manufacturers often underestimate the requirement for user manuals and supporting compliance issues that apply in our markets.

As a UK based company, we work with many companies who source products in the Far East, and we ensure that their brand reflects the expectations of European customers.


We use our experience to look critically at your existing product range.

We can assess design, manufacturing and QA, point of sale, packaging and literature for all your products to ensure that they are optimised to create a consistent quality and brand image.

Product Specifications

A comprehensive product specification applied to all elements will ensure consistent, repeatable quality every time.

This can include colour & finish, logo placement & sizing and material data, for both product and packaging, and allows for a consistent testing and QA process across multiple suppliers or manufacturing batches.