Our CAD and rapid prototyping services

Our CAD drafting, 3D modelling and rapid prototyping services will help your business take its products from design to manufacture more effectively.

Design Services

Our design services cover a wide range of potential solutions, from 2D drawings & illustrations, scanning of existing documents to full 3D models, component remodelling or reproduction and realistic visualisations and renders.

We also offer a design consultancy, ensuring your existing product or idea is suitable for manufacture before expensive prototyping and tooling takes place. We will discuss materials, finishes, design features and more, and then lead you through to full manufacture based on your given timescales, budgets and targets.

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Prototyping & Manufacture

From ergonomic analysis to fit testing, aesthetics, presentation or small volume production, having a real-life representation of your design can make a huge difference to how well your final product performs. Cadical can work with you to turn your designs into workable models, and we work both in-house and with local partners to get the fastest possible lead times. Whether plastic models for design analysis or working metal parts for real-life applications, we can go from enquiry to physical part in as little as 48 hours.

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Training & Development

Engineering Design is a fast moving and flexible industry, incorporating the latest online and portable technology to give you more powerful tools for creation, testing and devlopment. Our CAD training and software introductions will allow your business to keep on top of the latest developments, with the potential to make you more productive, save you money or make you more efficient. In addition, our experience in developing custom solutions based on industry standard software, can help you develop tools and techniques that speed up or replace your current processes.

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